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Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Plus Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Plus Reviews – Until 2017, Apple had everything simple and clear: once a year two models came out a regular iPhone and a phablet with the Plus prefix, which was considered the flagship because of the price, although it was in many ways a copy of the younger device. There was […]

Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Reviews – Apple called the next smartphone after iPhone 7 not iPhone 7s, but iPhone 8. Thus, the company jumped over one generation of smartphones, at least according to the usual logic of the new iPhone. Why did Apple decide to name the new iPhone exactly Apple iPhone 8? The thing […]

Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Review  Colorful. New colors, dual main camera, Wi-Fi 6 and a more capacious battery – this, in fact, is all the changes in the iPhone 11 relative to the iPhone XR. Whether the updated affordable iPhone will live up to expectations, you will learn in our review. The Apple iPhone 11 […]

Smartphone Apple iPhone X Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone X Reviews Apple has not been able to create a new chassis for the iPhone since the iPhone 6, as a result, the device design remained the same and it is almost impossible to distinguish the iPhone 6 from the iPhone 6s / 7 or 8 by looking at the front panel. […]

Smartphone Apple iPhone XR Reviews

Apple. With its rich color palette – and it has six colors – it really resembles the iPhone 5C , which at one time was severely criticized from all sides. By design, the Apple iPhone XR, however, is completely and completely in the spirit of the new line, which iPhone X became the ideological prototype […]

Smartphone Apple IPhone XS Max Reviews

Smartphone Apple IPhone XS Max Reviews – iPhone XS Max Apple’s new flagship smartphone with a giant display. Let’s figure out what it is, what its characteristics are, whether it is worth the money. Just a few words to say about the name of Apple iPhone XS Max. First, Apple for the first time in […]

Best Overseas Wholesale Online Shopping Websites

Best Overseas Wholesale Online Shopping Websites – For those of you who like to shop online, you must find out which sites / online shopping websites abroad are the best and most trusted. Shopping online can indeed be more fun than shopping at offline stores (conventional). You do not need to bother going out of […]

leather iphone case

leather iphone case,The fashion world is currently growing rapidly, in all segments both in fashion clothing and in the world of gadgets including cellphones. which certainly has a lot of people who know about this, what about cell phone casings? Is it important? I think this is important! Why? because in addition to appearing more […]

samsung galaxy s10 case

The New Galaxy S10, Samsung started this year with its Galaxy S device, the best Galaxy S10 offered by Samsung this year, the user was treated to three variants of this new device series. Namely the Galaxy S10, S10 +, and S10e. want to know how this phone is compared to other cellphones, new products […]