Review On Apple Headphones Airpod Pro

Review On Apple AirPods Pro 

Apple’s original AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world, they are in the True Wireless category.

It is also a rare accessory that can be used not only with the iPhone, but also with Android smartphones.

The first generation of Headphones Airpod Pro has become a bestseller, the second generation of headphones received many competitors who are eating their share, but even their combined sales can not get closer to AirPods.

Recognizable design, white plastic these headphones have become a sign of our time, a demonstration of a certain status.

In all respects, Apple’s headphones are a social phenomenon, especially against the background of the fact that their sound quality

does not stand up to any comparison with most competitors, they are noticeably worse.

Something similar happened with the wired EarPods, they were uncomfortable, sounded bad, but they were willingly bought and demonstrated by people who did not have an iPhone.

It was ostentatious consumption, a sort of cargo cult, when success was demonstrated by the presence of an “expensive” accessory.

Which made it possible to guess that the person also had some kind of iPhone.

History knows many examples when an overpopular product quickly gained an audience, but just as quickly lost its attractiveness, as it became too widespread.

With AirPods, this has already begun to happen, headphone sales have peaked in the fall of 2019, and Apple’s contribution to this is invaluable.

Let me remind you that Apple’s top management is trying to squeeze the maximum out of the market, raising prices for literally all products.

And the headphones were no exception, the release of updated AirPods with the ability to wirelessly charge is a hidden price increase.

What Does Apple Headphones Airpods Pro Look Like?

Competitors have long had wireless charging in the case, Apple offered such a case for $ 79 plus taxes (or a kit with such a case for $ 199). Expensive? Not that word.

Briefly About The Scope of Delivery

A small box of white, inside everything is laid out in the style of Apple. The case is wireless, but it has a Lightning connector, you can charge the headphones from the cable.

The Lightning cable to USB Type C itself is amazing.

You will need a charger from the iPhone or a modern laptop with such a connector.

It is impossible to directly charge the headphones in the iPhone case.

Inconvenient? Not that word. For example, on the road, from time to time I charge my Galaxy Buds from a smartphone, wireless charging works like a clock.

Design, Ergonomics

The design of AirPods Pro is easily recognizable, they can not be confused with other headphones.

The charging case is quite compact, it is easy to carry in a jeans pocket (a regular pocket, it will not fit in a pocket for a lighter).

If you are looking for Airpods Pro Case Accessories, you can try visiting Headphones AirPod Pro Case sites.

The usual glossy plastic of white color is used, it will become scratched over time and age.

For my taste, this plastic is not bad, there is no dirt on it until the moment the surface is covered with a large number of scratches. Durability does not cause questions, for several years the box will last without any problems.

There is an indicator on the case, it lights up during charging. When charging is complete, it will turn yellow to green.

That is all some reviews about apple Headphones Airpod Pro. Hopefully this review can be useful for you. Thank you.

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