Master 7 loves you

People in Hong Kong live under a great deal of pressure and stress nowdays, expecially under the current economic siutation. They desperately need proper channels to relax. Master 7 sincerely wants to help deliver relief to Hong Kong people the best she can by laughter. When people’s spirits are uplifted by her laughter, blessings and positive energy, everything will begin to improve automatically. In order to accomplish her mission, Master 7 willingly sacfifices her solemn image and transforms herself into her comical roles on TV shows. Even a simple heart-shaped hand sign and a dazzling smile become Master’s blessings in disguise. Master 7 wants to deliver her blessings and bring good fortune to everyone.

Priority Love Price Pre-sale Price HK$77. Pre-order during the pre-sale period, and the order will be shipped after May 25th according to the transportation situation. Please be patient. After the pre-sale period, the price will return to the normal price of HK$177.