Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Plus Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Plus Reviews – Until 2017, Apple had everything simple and clear: once a year two models came out a regular iPhone and a phablet with the Plus prefix, which was considered the flagship because of the price, although it was in many ways a copy of the younger device.

There was no doubt about what to buy from the target audience about Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Do you like a smaller device you take a regular iPhone, you want more expensive or a large screen then Plus is your choice.

And after that, for the coming year, you can forget about the torment of choice, exactly before the release of the new iPhone. Since 2017, everything has changed, as Apple decided to expand the lineup and.

In addition to the two traditional iPhone 8/8 Plus, showed at the presentation also the iPhone X, which was postponed by the start of sales for a month and a half.

The release of the third model is a response to the fact that Samsung is actively eating away Apple’s market share in almost all countries of the world, releasing the successful 8th series.

In fact, the iPhone X at Apple created a competitor to the Galaxy S8, and not some other models. But the appearance of such a smartphone as the X in the line of Apple instantly changed the positioning of the iPhone 8 Plus, it turned from a flagship into an intermediate model.

And in the absence of visible and significant differences from the previous iPhone 7 Plus, this device becomes a walk-through.

So, How Apple iPhone 8 Plus Looks Like?

Design Looks

Unfortunately, Apple is trying not to experiment with the appearance of the iPhone, so for the fourth year in a row, the front panel of all devices is the same. Only a few little things and just peering, you can guess which phone is in front of you.

The main change in the iPhone 8/8 Plus was glass backs, as wireless charges were added to the devices, and they do not work through metal. I like the glass of the case, quite interesting, candy colors and play in the light.

So, for example, I have a gold-colored device, and it looks more like pink gold, it looks quite nice in different lighting conditions. In total, three color solutions are available – gold, “space gray” and silver.

But given the phone’s dimensions of 158.4×78.1×7.5 mm and a weight of 202 grams, I don’t really want to add a case here, it’s a monstrous design, especially for those who carry their smartphones in their pockets.

The main gripe on the iPhone 8 Plus is the awkwardly large size for 2018. And here you can not even compare with competitors that they offer in a case comparable in size not a screen of 5.5 inches, but 6.3 inches.

The controls are typically located, on the left side there are two volume buttons, as well as a lever for switching to silent mode, which is convenient.


The Plus line has established itself as the choice of those who need a large screen and a long working time. The ergonomics of the device has not changed in any way in recent years.

But usually the choice in this category is between Apple and Samsung, there are no alternatives to these brands. If you are looking for iPhone 8 Plus Case Accessories, you can try visiting Apple iPhone 8 Plus Case sites.

So, there is some reviews about, feature of Apple iPhone 8 plus. I hope this information can help you choose the best smartphone. Thank you.

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