Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Features – Samsung released a superior product in the form of a folding cellphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This smartphone is priced at a high enough price in the range of 21.8 million. Although the price of this Samsung product is fairly expensive, the demand for this cellphone is enormous.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is increasingly becoming a breath of fresh air, especially for online game lovers. With a wide shape and luxurious appearance, of course, everyone would want to have. This folding screen smartphone looks like a powder box at a glance.


Samsung only presents three color variants namely Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and also Mirror Gold, where these colors are available in very limited quantities.


Smartphones are made using a special material that is UTG or Ultra-Thin Glass which is certainly able to give the impression of glamor. Considering this smartphone when viewed from the display is very suitable for use by socialites who are identical with the appearance of all expensive and luxurious.


 How is the Galaxy Z Flip Design?


The design of the Galaxy Z Flip itself is made innovatively which can be folded, in addition to that the thickness is very thin also support the style of the appearance of each holding.

Although it is very suitable to support the appearance, you don’t need to worry that this device is supported with very sophisticated specifications and is not inferior to other smartphones. Using the Galaxy Z Flip will certainly make it easier for all your work, especially in creating content or other activities


So while working you still look fashionable and luxurious. Galaxy Z Flip is supported by a Full HD + Super Amoled screen with a very large area of ​​6.7 inches which can be folded into two parts so it is very similar to a powder.


When the position has folded the size of the Galaxy Z Flip is very small, with a length of 73.6mm with a width of 87.4mm and a thickness of only 17.3mm so that it only reaches a weight of 183 grams. Therefore the Galaxy Z Flip is very comfortable both when held and when it is being operated.


  • This latest mobile technology is equipped with Flex Mode which is very likely to be open like a laptop. The concept is almost similar to the Galaxy Fold. This is certainly very easy to use is no exception when taking a selfie or Instagram live. You no longer need to bother looking for a cell phone buffer.
  • Besides this type of cell phone, one is very suitable for people at a young age who often feel tired eyes when working on a cellphone or laptop. This sophisticated device is equipped with an eye care display feature that is very helpful in reducing eye fatigue. So you can be sure you can work longer by using this Galaxy Z Flip.


  • Android operation 10 is the operating system used by Galaxy Z Flip and is also supported by the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset and 8GB of RAM with 256GB of internal memory. With a very large storage capacity is certainly capable of storing large enough data.


Also, the battery capacity is not too large for the smartphone class with a size of 6.7 inches, which is 3,300 mAh. But with a battery capacity that is not too large, it is felt to be enough to support your mobility.


This device is very easy for you, especially in terms of charging because the Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with fast charging technology. As well as security with fingerprint scanner technology.


Thus the article about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specifications and Features, hopefully useful.


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