Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Reviews

Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Reviews 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the successor to the iPhone XS, which is now sold at a discount. First of all, we will try to figure out what model deserves the prefix “Pro” in the name.

At first glance, the iPhone 11 Pro is just a pumped-up version of the iPhone XS, without any significant innovation.

Apple Iphone 11 Pro

The display of Apple iPhone 11 Pro still has a diagonal of 5.8 inches and even the resolution remains the same,

but Apple says that the brightness and color reproduction have been improved Of the new,

it is worth noting the chipset A13 Bionic , which is now supplemented with 4 GB of RAM.

The smartphone as previously offered in versions with 64, 256 and 512 GB of internal memory, the cost is respectively $ 999, $ 1,149 and $ 1349.

We will compare the iPhone 11 Pro not only with its predecessor, but also flagship smartphones from other manufacturers.

In the list for comparison, we included such models: LG G8s ThinQ, Huawei P30 Pro , OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Recall that you can add any other smartphone to the comparison by using the search bar, which is in every table.

Design and Features Featured Glass

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro has grown a bit in all sizes, but the difference with the iPhone XS is almost imperceptible even when directly comparing two smartphones.

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro is a stainless steel and glass sandwich, but the latter now has a matte finish.

On the back panel, the new square module of the main camera draws all attention to itself.

So, How Good Is Apple iPhone 11 Pro?

Features Without USB Type-C

The iPhone 11 Pro still has the Lightning port, which we saw in many previous generations. At the same time,

despite such persistence in the use of proprietary technologies, Apple added a USB Type-C to Lightning adapter in the package.

The adapter to the standard USB Type-A was supplied with previous models, and now it is present in the box with the younger iPhone 11.

As a result, the functionality of the module is limited at the level of Apple Pay and a few other useful features.

The smartphone also has a new Apple U1 ultra-wideband communication chip.

Which allows the smartphone to recognize various devices nearby and communicate with them. At the moment,

the only task of the chip is to simplify the work of AirDrop, but other possibilities will appear in the future.

Accessories and Warranty

Included with the iPhone 11 Pro is a quick charge, an adapter from Lightning to USB Type-C, a headset, a tray eject tool, a user manual and branded stickers.

Separately, Apple sells compatible cases, covers, and chargers.  If you If you are looking for iPhone 11 Pro Case Accessories.

you can try visiting Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case sites.

The warranty period for the iPhone 11 Pro from the manufacturer is still 1 year (2 years in Europe).

The manufacturer offers the AppleCare + service, thanks to which it is possible to purchase protection (229 euros), which will cover two accidental damages.

However, even if you purchase the service, you will have to pay 29 euros for replacing the display and 99 euros for any other damage.

AppleCare + is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, and you can purchase it within 60 days from the date of purchase.

So, there is some reviews about iPhone 11 Pro. I hope this information can help you know about this Super smartphone.

That is all and thank you.

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