Smartphone Apple IPhone XS Max Reviews

Smartphone Apple IPhone XS Max Reviews – iPhone XS Max Apple’s new flagship smartphone with a giant display. Let’s figure out what it is, what its characteristics are, whether it is worth the money.

Just a few words to say about the name of Apple iPhone XS Max. First, Apple for the first time in a long time changed the prefix for an enlarged version of the flagship. Instead of “Plus” “Max”.

Secondly, this is all an improved version of X (tenth iPhone), so Xs – this is not X Es, but Ten Es. Such are the things. But this is all the little things. iPhone XS Max is an improved version of the s-version of the tenth iPhone.

Such a chain turned out. In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8. In 2018, iPhone Xs was announced and will soon go on sale, an improved version of the iPhone Xs. And the iPhone XS Max is an improved (and much larger) version of the iPhone XS.

A fully new generation of iPhone with a bunch of innovations (at least according to Apple) will be presented in 2019. And now we are satisfied with the improved versions of the old “ten”.

The Sound

The stereo speakers are 50% louder compared to the iPhone X, which is impressive. This is especially noticeable when watching movies in Dolby Vision and HDR format. In general, the sound is a plus.


The main difference between the iPhone XS Max and the regular XS is the screen. OLED display Super Retina HD with a diagonal of as much as 6.5 inches. Screen resolution 2688×1242 pixels.

How Good Is Apple iPhone XS Max?

The pixel density per inch is standard for the latest flagship iPhone 458. The screen itself occupies 82% of the front surface of the gadget, and this, by the way, is a record for Apple.

As mentioned earlier, the achievement of such a result was made possible by reducing the scope. The screen is quite bright and contrasting.


To be honest, it is not much different from the iPhone X. But this is logical because the iPhone XS Max is its heir: the case is rounded at the corners the back and front are glass panels.

The case frames are made of stainless surgical steel. If you are looking for Iphone XS Max Case Accessories, you can try visiting Apple iPhone XS Max Case sites.



Apple improves the processor every year, and 2018 was no exception. The new Apple A12 Bionic is better than the A11 Bionic. The core performance is increased by only 15%, but the graphic performance and energy efficiency by 50%.

All this is possible thanks to the new chip, which was created using the 7-nanometer FinFET process. The past A11 process was created using a 10nm process technology. Competitors on Android have no similar processors (7nm) yet.

Apple A12 Bionic is equipped with 6 cores: 2 are responsible for performance, the remaining 4 for efficiency. When you launch a demanding application, such as a 3D game, all the cores work. If maximum performance is not needed.

Battery and Charging

The battery capacity is 3350 mAh, the type is lithium-ion. And this is the most capacious battery in the history of iPhones. The volume is not very impressive, especially for such a screen, so all hope is for energy efficiency.

So, there is some reviews about Apple iPhone XS Max. I hope this information can be useful for you, who want to have this wonderful smartphone. That is all and thank you.

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