Smartphone Apple iPhone XR Reviews

Apple. With its rich color palette – and it has six colors – it really resembles the iPhone 5C , which at one time was severely criticized from all sides.

By design, the Apple iPhone XR, however, is completely and completely in the spirit of the new line, which iPhone X became the ideological prototype of. Therefore, the budget smartphone speaks only of its somewhat simplified hardware, but in no case looks.

However, language doesn’t turn it into cheap: the starting price for the 64 GB version is $ 749, while the 128 and 256 GB versions are priced at $ 799 and $ 899, respectively.

The XR features table is replete with “cut corners”: the IPS diagonal of the display is more than 6 inches, but the resolution is less than 1080p this is just unheard of for a smartphone for $ 750 2018 release.

The image density in the end was 324 dpi, which is less than the other two models of the new series. RAM in the smartphone is 3 GB, while the iPhone XS and XS Maxmore standard 4 GB. There is protection against water and dust, but the version of the standard is lower than the mentioned models (IP67 vs IP68).

It’s good that the XR chipset (Apple A12 Bionic) and the main camera are the same as its expensive counterparts. True, the camera this time did without an additional photosensor with a telephoto lens.

How Great is Apple iPhone XR?

In the review, we will try to find out whether all the shortcomings of the iPhone XR will play a significant role in practice and whether it can become the most balanced of modern models from Apple.

Design and Features

Although the iPhone XR is only 6 mm thick, it seems larger and thicker than the iPhone XS . Indeed, according to the results of measurements, it is slightly larger and 9% heavier this is usually not spoken about at presentations by Apple, is it?

For the test we received the (PRODUCT) RED version, but the smartphone is also available in black, blue, coral (no, it’s not pink ), white and yellow. The front and back panels of the smartphone are covered with scratch-resistant glass.

Accessories and Warranty

Included with the iPhone XR you will find charging, a Lightning cable, a headset with a Lightning connector, a SIM tray eject tool, a user guide, and Apple logo stickers.

Manufacturer goodbye to an adapter for 3.5 mm audio jack, which was previously shipped with the iPhone the X. Moreover, the bundled adapter does not support fast charging.

And gives out quite standard ratings (5V 1A). If you are looking for Iphone XR Case Accessories, you can try visiting Apple iPhone XR Case sites.

Naturally, fast charge adapters and wireless charging devices are sold separately at Apple stores and on the official website.

The warranty period for the iPhone XR is 12 months, but if you buy a smartphone from resellers, they can offer their conditions that are not tied to the standard ones. Apple still offers the $ 149 AppleCare + Add-On Package.

However, even so, when replacing the display you will have to pay $ 29, and for any other type of repair $ 99. In theory, the latter amount also includes cases when the smartphone is completely disabled.

So there is some reviews about Apple Iphone XR.I hope this information can be useful for you, who want to have this apple smartphone. That is all and thank you.

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