Best Overseas Wholesale Online Shopping Websites

Best Overseas Wholesale Online Shopping Websites – For those of you who like to shop online, you must find out which sites / online shopping websites abroad are the best and most trusted. Shopping online can indeed be more fun than shopping at offline stores (conventional). You do not need to bother going out of the house, just sit at home.

Today there are many sites that offer Online Shop with various advantages and disadvantages. You should shop at sites that are already trusted so that you do not experience fraud or other cyber crime. The five best online shopping sites are: eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Etsy, and Banggood . Here is more information about these online shopping sites.


eBay site was originally used for buying and selling antique and second-hand goods. Over time, eBay also provides a variety of new items such as electronic goods, books, fashion products, and so forth.

To be able to make buying and selling transactions on eBay, you first need to register as a member. How to register is very easy, can be done on the e-Bay website. This site provides various payment facilities through Visa, MasterCard and PayPal credit cards, which are the favorite and default payment methods on eBay.

Many sellers / sellers on eBay that offer Free Shipping / Free shipping to Indonesia, of course, with a tantalizing price also makes eBay the top choice for buyers who want to get high quality goods from abroad.

What is The Best Overseas Online Shop for Wholesale?


Amazon is also one of the online shopping sites from the United States that is already very well known. Even here you can find many products with free shipping guarantees and promos(to US addresses).

Amazon provides payment facilities through Amazon Gift Cards , where you buy them to give to others or use them yourself. How to use the Amazon Gift Card is very easy. When you have chosen payment, you can proceed to payment options. At this payment stage, you can choose the gift card option.

Best Buy

For online shopping sites this one will be very popular with women. Best Buy provides a lot of beauty products along with complementary items such as makeup pouches, glass, makeup brushes, and so on. This site also sells a variety of perfumes.

Interestingly, Best Buy provides sample products for these perfumes. This sample product is sold in a small volume than the original product and of course the price is cheaper.


The fourth online shopping site, Etsy , ispopular with lovers of handmade and vintage products. Of course this site is very reliable because it was established in 2005. Etsy offers easy payment, through various credit cards, code cards, and so on. You can join as a seller on Etsy if you are 20 years old.


Largest Banggood originating from China. Here you can find lots of items that are hard to find in other places, such as computer components. The price offered is relatively more affordable than the prices at ordinary stores.

By using PayPal Payment Services, you save a lot of time and energy, because all payment processes will be handled directly by our professional team. If you are looking for some wholesale phone case accessories, you can try visiting this Wholesale Phone Cases sites.

And the most important thing is you don’t need to give your credit card information to the merchant, you don’t need to worry about credit card crime which is very popular lately.

So, there is some of best wholesale Online Shop overseas. I hope this information is helpful for you. Thank you very much.

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