Our StoryThe Tradition of Craftsmanship

The unique Melkco story began as a family run business during the late 1990’s, initially entering the German market specializing in Genuine, Split and Synthetic leathers. During those early years, the idea of establishing the business, provided the incentive to go as big as it can go.

These goals came into fruition, and so reiterated Melkco‘s ambitions, as it proceeded in developing a foundation that would see it prosper. This became evident through the introduction of its manufacturing facilities, where it has been maintaining a high standard, that is still ever-so present today.

Having gained those valuable experiences in those formative years, it has seen its products being refined and earning a lot of attention.

Today, the roots of our leather business has taken us to the modern Melkco we see today, continually seeking modern innovative technologies, but also re-enforcing traditional techniques into producing works of art.

Logo Origins

The inspiration for the Melkco logo is clearly shown from the use of 2 overlapping rectangle shapes that are split into half demonstrating the concept of ‘Cutting Leather’ by crafts men.

 Our VisionTo become the most successful smartphone and tablet accessories brand in the industry. Our MissionTo create more different lines of products and maintain its leading role in the market. Our Goal1) To maintain a high standard for our products in all markets.

2) Successfully build every market with our strong and trusted business partners.

3) In this rapid growth industry, we are committed to introduce new styles, features and functional products
to our end users in short a period of time.